Off the Cuff

While online shopping, I recently discovered this cool e-commerce website, L-Atitude.  According to their website, it is an online portal for shopping trips around the world. L-atitude introduces exotic, exclusive and edgy finds from the world’s most stylish cities to you. What I found cool is that they have Mumbai as one of the shopping options, so you can purchase items from cool stores like ‘Bungalow 8‘ in Mumbai.  Not at all kitschy stuff that you’d typically find elsewhere, but actual trendy, usable pieces.  Some of my favorites are below.

1. BUNGALOW 8, Patchwork Pompom Purple Zig Zag Scarf,$95

2. BUNGALOW 8, Cleopatra Necklace, $78

3. INDIAN BAZAAR, Peacock Bangle,$90


3 thoughts on “Off the Cuff

  1. I am DROOLING for that necklace!! Ideal for concealing my elderly ‘décolletage’ – hahaha! The bangle is fabulous too but I can see it getting snagged on just about everything.


  2. V, that is true about said bangle. However, the necklace would look great on you, I just know it 🙂


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