Southside, Eastside, Westside, whawhat!  Whether it is north or south, we have awards ceremonies for every corner of the country.  This time around, July 7th to be exact, was when the Filmfare South Awards 2012 were showcased.  Deepika, Amy Jackson, Sarah Jane Dias were the few Bollywood celebrities in attendance, while Shruti performed on stage and received an award from her Dad (Kamal Hassan).  Deepika and Amy both look like they are wearing Sabyasachi outfits.  Telugu actress Nayantara looks like she’s wearing a dark housecoat and Telugu actress Tamanna Bhatia may be wearing a blue Star Trek outfit but I can’t be sure.  Check out the ladies and let me know who you think looked their best.  Hopefully I’ll have better pictures soon.

Update – even with an updated picture of Tamannah’s dress, I’m not liking it.  Shruti’s saree could have been worse.


4 thoughts on “Southside!

  1. Nayanthara’s a malayalee actress and Tamannaah a tamil actress. Telugu is neither one of their fortees although they both act in it. South actresses tend to accept roles from most South film industries, there is no barrier such as with B-town.
    Also if you care to know, Tamannaah’s dress is apparently, Nishka Lulla. Not liking it any better even with a name attached 😛


  2. @ Jessicaa… i would say the response to BB would not ve been better :):) BB this time you just are or were unaware when you were writting the post.. sorry to say this though..:)


  3. Ladies, sorry to say but I don’t watch much Telugu or Tamil movies; I do watch Malayalam though (sometimes) and still prefer Hindi movies since they are not so realistic. LOL. That being said, thanks for the correction on where the ladies are from.


  4. hhehheeeeee…@ BB.. even though I am big fan of telgu & kannada movies, i dont watch it much( i dont understand a word..hhehheheeee…;):), but i love the unrealistic..!!!) and like all keralite/mallu whatever, I watch malayalam & tamil movies..!! but to b frank, almost all south indian actresses act n all possible south indian movies, there are hardly any restriction as such..!!:):)


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