Parineeti on Cosmopolitan


Remember this Harper’s Bazaar cover?  Well, Parineeti did not fare much better on the Cosmo cover.  Can’t anyone give this poor girl just one good cover at least (before her 15 minutes of fame are up)?


7 thoughts on “Parineeti on Cosmopolitan

  1. Seriously, why can’t she get it right for once, at least?? what’s missing? I guess glamour and attitude both, sorry Parineeti…you’ve got to try harder next time girl…


  2. i guess its the made up look,which is not working for her..!!!:) she gotta be what she is instead of being someone else..!!!


  3. She looks better (more Indian pretty girl) with her naturally dusky complexion. This makeup makes her look too european – as she has very neat features.


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