Style the Star


I’ll try to make this a consistent feature of the blog called ‘Style the Star’, where we try to help one star with their style evolution.  Let’s start with Abhishek because I think that men are easily missed in Bollywood and probably don’t enlist a stylist.  And he desperately needs help…I mean, look at those boot-cut jeans, the outdated leather jacket and that polyester looking black pants.  (Shudder!)  If I was to ‘Style the Star’, I’d make sure he would start off with:

(Visit my Pinterest board for full details)

1. One pair of good straight/slim leg jeans.  In my personal opinion, no man should wear bootcut jeans.

2. One pair of clean cut chinos in a works-with-everything color.

3. A crisp button-down dress shirt that can go equally well with the chinos or with the dark rinse jeans.  (Always dark rinse unless its for the weekend)

4. One classic pant with a mini-houndstooth print

5. One pair of suede-boots.

6. A few pairs of casual sneakers.

The list could go on but I think this would be a good start for Abhi, don’t you?  Visit my Pinterest board for full details.


4 thoughts on “Style the Star

  1. Abhi is tall and handsome but his clothes are always awful. That last outfit in which he appears to be wearing a pair of ladies polyester slacks is especially ghastly! LOVED all your suggestions, BB!

    Now if you could just get my boy Abraham out of his jeans and flip-flops …..


  2. Btw, just as an aside – BB, it’s amazing the difference clothes can make to attitude. Just recently I was very taken with NZ actor Manu Bennett who spends most of his time on the ‘Spartacus’ TV series in nothing but a loin cloth. Imagine my horror therefore to see him at Comic Con (as himself) wearing the most hideous red-neck biker-boy clothes (he’s 42).

    Eek!! Killed it stone dead for me!! He’s still a thing of great beauty with his clothes OFF though! 😉×1024.html


  3. V, thanks for the link to his ‘polyester’ pants outfit 🙂 LOL. Oyvei on Manu Bennett. He is a good-looking piece of man candy though.


  4. Hahaha – certainly IS! Wish you and me could take him shopping. 😉

    Surprisingly enough he’s a married man so you’d think his WIFE would tell him how to dress. However, I believe she’s just had a baby, so he was at Comic Con on his own – which probably explains why he’d had a major wardrobe meltdown – hahaha! Men, eh?


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