Off the Cuff

I read two interesting (one funny) articles and had to share.  One is of Oprah‘s visit to India, which thankfully I didn’t watch.  Actually I’m proud to say I haven’t watched even one full episode of Oprah.  Here’s the author’s article about the visit to India.  The second article is about Aamir Khan‘s latest TV show, which I actually would be really interested to watch.  Polar opposites these two public figures are – one is considered akin to a saint, while the other seems to give nary a thought to what people might think.  Let me know what you think and whether you’ve watched either Oprah’s or Aamir’s shows.


2 thoughts on “Off the Cuff

  1. i had watched both and prefer to watch Amir more..!! not coz he z handsmoe(just joking), he z a genius n himself..!! and apparently i had to watch oprah’s next chapter revelation which apparently started with her visit to india in TLC, i seriously felt silly and felt like saing her..” before portraying India as a underdeveloping country.. just goto your own country (Africa) and show to world the torture those people undergoo..!! what a world..!!!


  2. Love love love aamirs show. Yeah there’s some drama thrown in at times but all in all it does what he set out to do. Almost all the episodes made me teary eyed. He does a great job.


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