Friendly Competition

So it seems like a little friendly competition doesn’t go over well with other websites.  Actually, I didn’t realize I was competing with anyone until I got a hostile email (followed by a string of more nasty emails) from a photographer associated with ‘HHC’ and ‘Pinkvilla’.  Not just hostile emails but one with a death threat via curses.  Yes, you read that right  — curses — death — and so forth.  Truly deplorable and despicable actions.  What gets me though is that the thought of this little blog creating some friendly competition out in the blog-sphere has caused some to threaten me indirectly via their photog-of-choice.  That is also underhanded and despicable in my book.  For a blog that is strictly for personal use and does not profit in any way (no ads, no revenue), I am apparently a ‘parasite’ leeching off other people’s property.  As all my readers know, I never take credit for any of the images or property of other websites; all sources are duly cited.  I also offered to compensate said photographer and he laughably said that I couldn’t afford it.  However, at that point, I had no interest and stated there would be no further comments or emails from me.  Sometimes you just have to take the high road.  If there is a bright point in all this (I think there is), it is that I’m obviously on people’s radars.  Readers, have you experienced things like this before, and if so, how did you tackle it?


6 thoughts on “Friendly Competition

  1. LOL; thanks Amina that is definitely what I intend to do. Some really rude people out there I tell ya!


  2. Well, first things first – the day MY blog got its first hater I knew I’d ‘arrived’ – heh heh. Secondly, I was pretty much inured to her insults as I’d been hardened by five years in ‘the salt mines’ of a film star’s fan forum, so I’d already dealt with psychos, sociopaths and nut-jobs FAR more scary and upsetting than HER.

    However, having said that, I am daily APPALLED by the abuse some people hurl at others over the internet. Basically there is a standard of behaviour that has become acceptable on the net that would NEVER be tolerated in real life. It’s very sad and shocking but that’s just the way it is.

    You’ve done nothing wrong, BB. You always credit your sources. My advice to people targeted by weirdos and haters is to ignore them UTTERLY. Give them NOTH-THING – no reaction, no reply, not even an inkling that you’ve even SEEN what they’ve said/written. In my experience, if you give them the slightest reaction you’ve fallen into their trap.

    It’s VERY tempting to rattle off a searing admonishment, but all your dazzling ‘Stephen Fry-esque’ wit will be wasted because they have neither reason nor accountability. Let’s face it, if they knew how to behave in a civilised, decent manner they wouldn’t have tackled you in the first place.

    Hope that helps. And I hope this unpleasantness won’t discourage you from enjoying doing your blog. Funnily enough, I did a bit on haters on MY blog just the other day. You can check it out here:

    Take care, sweetie. Don’t let the pea-brains spoil your fun. 🙂


  3. Awww thanks Queen V! I knew I could always get reassuring advice from you. I will check out your article. Take care!!!


  4. It’s not much more than what I said above, BB, but it does have a quote from Aishwarya in it that is VERY true – and goodness knows, THAT poor girl has had some abuse levelled at HER in her time!!

    It’s easy to say ‘ignore them’, but I DO know how unsettling this sort of thing can be. However, if they aren’t getting a rise out of you they WILL move elsewhere.

    In the meantime, just ‘keep calm and carry on’ as we British like to say. 😉


  5. I’m not really a blogger and haven’t faced any of these unbelievable things, just wanted to support your decision in telling them to take a hike.. Couldn’t said it better, Amina 🙂


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