Guest Post: Latest Fashion Trends

Use The Latest Fashion Trends In Hairstyle And Shoes To Improve Your Appearance

Guest Post by Clarissa Seaton

The fashion trends are constantly changing and if you are one of the fashion conscious individuals, you should not let the 2012 latest fashion trends pass you. Although most people define fashion by the type of wear and accessories trending in the market, you should not forget about hair styles and shoe fashion news. Unlike clothes and other accessories, most hair styles and shoes do not require a lot of investment. In fact, you can alter hairstyles at your convenience to suit the different occasions and purposes.

Hair Style Latest Fashion Trends

Long and Bouncy Hairstyle

This style is highly stylish and gives long hair an elegant, relaxed finish. This style is suitable to a woman with long wavy hair or long straight hair. It is also suitable to all hair color styles. To groom yourself with this style, you should towel-dry your hair and apply blow-dry to enhance cream to the roots. You should then blow dry your hair with a round brush. Once the hair is dry, you should then make a center part and brush the hair out.

Homemade Curls

This is a modern and nostalgic girlish style that has become very popular lately. It is suitable for women with long wavy hair and long straight hair. The style is suitable for all hair colors. It is one of the most popular 2012 styles for long hairs.

French Twist

This is one of the classic fashion trends that define 2012. The style is suitable to women with long wavy hair and long straight hair. It is also suitable to hair of all colors. To apply this style, back brush your hair to add texture and rough volume to the roots of your hair. When applying this style, you should start from the nape of the neck upwards. Once your hair has adequate texture and volume, you should finger comb the hair back, away from your face and then pull it into a French Twist.

Equestrian Ponytail

This is another style that can add charm and elegancy to your style. The style is a mix of smoothness and texture. Its appearance blends well when accompanied with leather band finish. This hair is convenient for women with long straight hair.

Twist Hairstyle

This style was inspired by Gucci‘s autumn /winter runway show for 2012. It is very simple to create with or without any addition hair accessory. This style is applicable on various hairs. It is perfect for both long and short hair.

Latest Fashion Trends for Women Shoes

Embellished Ballet Flats

In addition to style, this shoes offer comfort and convenience. Furthermore, you can wear them with almost any wear that range from skinny jeans to colored jeans and boyfriend jeans. These shoes are perfect for individuals who prefer flat fashionable shoes.

Colorful Color-Block Heals

If you are one of the women who prefer shoes with high heel, this type is perfect for you. Today, you can find lovely shoes with extravagant and bold hues on shops and catwalk. The shoes come with multiple colors allowing you to experiment other hues. You can wear these shoes with different garments that range from dresses to skirts, trousers and denim.

Metallic Hued Flat Sandals

These shoes are perfect for women who love to wear sandals. Unlike other sandals that offer comfort without style, metallic hued flat sandals combine both comfort and fashion. With these shoes, you would no longer fear treating your toes with comfort without compromising on your comfort and style.

Bold Platform Wedges

Wedges are one of the most popular fashion trends for 2012. They have lately been in the fashion news as shoes that combine feminine look with comfort. You can use them on various platforms as they come in multiple styles and looks.

Patent Leather Peep Toe Pumps

This is the sexiest shoe of the year. If you are fashion conscious woman you should have these shoes on you shopping list. When shopping for this stylish shoe, you should consider buying a super stylish and colorful pair.

Sinfully Sweet Kitten Heels

This is another shoe that you should not lack in your wardrobe. It is a great fashionable shoe for outing especially when going out for dinners. These shoes are compatible with various casual wears that range from jeans to a tunic top and wrap style sweater. The shoe is also convenient when going about various tasks in a style.

Author’s Bio

I have been writing about fashion and beauty for many years. I have various articles that help women groom themselves with the latest fashion trends. The inspiration to write comes from my experimental lifestyle and love for fashion. Through writing I share my experiences and feelings regarding thelatest fashion news in the market. Follow Clarissa Seaton on Google+.


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