Guest Post: Bollywood Eyewear

Guest Post: Bollywood Eyewear

by Global Eyeglasses

With the steady sortie of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs, its no wonder that many of the celebs have made sunglasses a part of their signature look. Functionality aside, sunglasses serve as an important style accessory when paired with any outfit.  If you are a fan then you must have observed that our lovely Bollywood celebs are as fond of their sunglasses as their fans are of them.

Who says eyeglasses give you a geeky look?  Take a look at Ranbir. You must surely agree that Ranbir’s rimless spectacles totally take the geek factor out of the glasses. Well Ranbir, we want to ask “How do you manage to look so awesome all the time”?

Piggy Chops looks red hot before takeoff. Flaming in red leggings and white tee, Priyanka wears eyeglasses that make a style statement without any embellishment. This one’s a sure-shot hit with the boys.

Is there anything hotter than a gang of hunks wearing, Aviators? The classic look of Aviators has been around forever and definitely it is not going away any time soon. Aviators are still the most masculine of the sunglass styles, highlighting the jaw line and the cheekbones.

Usually, it is easy for you as an audience to make a choice between the specs and no specs look of an actor but with Katrina it is “Impossible”. Katrina, your sex appeal and specs appeal both are too hot to handle.

Um, someone is matching-matching! Jacqueline’s ‘to-die for looks’ are further enhanced as she matches up her tiger printed glasses to her dress. These oversized eyeglasses add a quirky touch to her looks. This tigress is hot, sensual and wild, so beware guys.

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