Lovely Duo


Working the grand finale of the India International Jewelry Week were Sonam and Madhuri, both look fabulous in to-die-for jewelry and attire.  I’ll take one of each!  On an aside, is it just me or does Madhuri look like she’s had some work done to her face?  Her hairstyle finally looks like it belongs in this decade!

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4 thoughts on “Lovely Duo

  1. Well Madhuri has probably had a little Botox but that’s a given these days. Other than that I think she looks fantastic. A lovely outfit and great jewels!


  2. I think the new hair style is making all the difference…and no I dont think she has done anything to her face…she doesnt need it!


  3. Totally agree with Queen V.. It’s botox and I hope she doesn’t do anything more because she just looks great right now.


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