Guest Post: Outrageous Olympic Outfits

Guest Post: Most Outrageous Outfits Seen at the London 2012 Olympics

by Serena Grant

The 2012 London Olympics arguably went too fast, and although the Paralympics are still to come, the two week Games were a resounding success. One of the more notable, and unusual sights of the event was, however, the vast number of outrageous outfits that appeared at different sports. These ranged from some of the more unfortunate official athletes’ kits, through to the best efforts of the fans to make a statement.  Even when the sight of a Stars and Stripes morph suit started to become commonplace in crowds, there was always something else to appear and remind us that the Olympics can be as much a celebration of eccentricity as anything else. Some of the more outrageous outfits that appeared during the Games included:

Russia’s Official Kit – Looking more like a Premiership goalkeeper’s it circa 1994 than the uniform of one of the world’s largest athletics federations, Russia’s red and white strip was put to shame by some of the sleeker designs produced by Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani for the Team GB and Italian athletes.

A sometimes worrying sight at major sports event, morph suits represent a full spandex covering that typically allows the brave wearer to appear as nothing more than a walking flag, or slightly disturbing plasticine figure. Morph suits were well represented at the Games, from the United States fans through to Team GB.

Smart Penguins – Proving that an outrageous outfit doesn’t mean you have to avoid being smart, a group of New Zealand fans paired their full length penguin suits with natty bowties, and made recurring appearances at different events during the course of the Games.

With anticipation for the Rio 2016 Olympics already beginning, Brazil performed in the London closing ceremony, and gave some indication of what to expect. Some of the dancers for Brazil’s performance were decorated in full gold paint, and appeared to have either drums, or perhaps miniature pianos, on their heads.

Spanish Superhero – One of many superheroes to appear at the Games, this Spanish superhero deserves special mention for the mystifying meaning of the ‘N’ on his chest, his further abuse of the spandex trend at the Olympics, and for topping the outfit off with a wig and a red tongue.

Japanese Headgear – I’m not entirely sure what this Japanese fan is wearing on their head, but it certainly made an impact as one of the more unusual outfits seen at the Games, and something of a mini trend given its appearance at several different events.

Patriotic – There were lots of variations on the patriotic theme at this year’s Olympics, with Team GB out in force for much of the event. This fan was just one of many who opted for a combination of flags, wigs, and glasses to boost morale.

Another somewhat unfortunate official athletic uniform, Spain’s red hats and bright reds and yellows made the athletes look, unfortunately, more like Butlin’s entertainers than a team of highly skilled performers.

Slovakian Kit – The Slovakian athletes at least managed to spice up their fairly ordinary uniforms by adding a black fedora with a pink band to their overall outfit.

Mexico and Brazil Fan –  This crowd member went for maximum effort in the Brazil vs. Mexico final of the Olympic football, and proved that a giant bomb, wig, and glasses never goes out of style.

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Serena Grant is a freelance copywriter specializing in the Fashion industry. She would recommend UK company Choice for fashion subjects such as Armani Jeans from Choice, different styles of designer clothing as well as upcoming trends.


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