Style the Star


If anyone has needed a fashion intervention, it definitely is Priyanka.  Her dresses are either consistently short or tight, or sometimes both (the white ‘dress’ looks more like a slip).  Granted, she has a stylist (Ami Patel) but unfortunately, not one who’s doing much for her.  Given the fact that she’s going to be unveiling her first single on September 13 at the NFL (yes, the American National Football League), now would be a good time to start experimenting with her wardrobe and going beyond teenybopper or trashy looks.  In that vein, I’ve pulled together a few of the latest looks from the Spring 2013 Ready to Wear collections, a virtual makeover of sorts.  With an enviable figure, she can afford to wear pretty much anything whether it be fluid jumpsuits or horizontal stripes.  So why not experiment the gamut and move away from the tight, short and silly and move into more sophisticated territory!  Check out my Pinterest board for Priyanka here and let me know your thoughts.


One thought on “Style the Star

  1. OMG I totally agree with u!!! And I always wondered y wud she do this…. Consistently wearing short short dresses for a junior dance show!


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