Ad Gone Wrong

It’s all so so wrong.  Just terrible in every way.  Aishwarya Rai‘s latest ad for Kerala-based Kalyan Jewellers that is.  It shows the actress, barely recognizable, in a Goddess Lakshmi-type avatar but where I should be focusing on the jewelry, I can only see the midriff and the blinding light behind her.  Moreover, the ad, perhaps photoshopped, is awash in one color and tries to make a hazy picture possibly to mask Aishwarya’s post-baby weight.  Not needed really since I see nothing wrong with the lovely Mom’s post-baby body and more so, kudos to her for even posing for this ad.  I can’t even put on a swimsuit (one piece!) and it’s been 1.5 years since the birth of my second daughter.  All that aside, the ad is still terrible.  (The jewelry however at Kalyan’s is gorgeous; we got a bunch of pieces for my sister’s celebrations from there).

Thanks to our reader Mona for sending this ad to us.


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