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Vogue India has already turned five (5)?  The baby is all grown up but you wouldn’t know it by some of the editorials.  To celebrate, Vogue threw a 5th Anniversary celebration attended by all and sundry.  Here’s the lowdown on their fashion (and faux-pas).

Of the two sisters, Kajol clearly outshined Tanisha by a mile.

Seriously, no words. Handsome!

Something’s off about this look and I don’t know what it is (and it’s not the creepy ol’ man standing behind her).

She’s quirky so this look works but on someone else, it wouldn’t.

Another one who’s become quirky but in a more interesting, androgynous way.

Vogue’s cover girl. I’m not impressed. Not in the least bit.

Another Rahul in a tailored suit. The guys seem to be doing better at this bash than the ladies.

I like the dress but think the necklace was unnecessary.

I think Jacqueline was going for the Sophia Loren look but it somehow didn’t quite work.

Priya Tanna, Editor of Vogue India.  Disappointing that this is what she wore to basically her own party.  I would have much preferred to see her in a lovely saree.

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