Guest Post – How to Dress Your Man

Ladies, How to Dress Your Man Appropriately for Meeting Your Parents

Your man meeting your parents for the first time is without question a landmark moment in the relationship. There is no question that you are probably both very nervous, and probably for very different reasons. One thing that you will undoubtedly have in common is that you will both be desperate for your parents to approve of your man and put the seal on your relationship.

Of course, your man will be sure to watch what he says and not begin divulging too much about your relationship, but what might you have forgotten to check before you turn up together? The way your guy is dressed will say a lot in your parents’ eyes about his ability to take care of you and treat you well. Therefore, ensure that you take the time to ensure your man is dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Stuck for ideas? That’s where we come in.

Keeping it Real

Unless you are going to dinner in an expensive restaurant, your man doesn’t need to dressed to the nines. Over the top isn’t really necessary, no matter how much he is trying to impress. Instead, keep it relaxed but smart with these great style choices.

Relaxed Polos


What better way to present your man in a smart yet relaxed manner than with a simple polo shirt. Go for something branded and plain, so your man will ooze class without needing to resort to anything too loud or attention grabbing.

A darker, sober colour such as a navy or a green will usually work brilliantly, and allow you to build an outfit around it.

Trouser Trouble


Try to avoid denim if you can, not because it is too casual or relaxed but more because it is so common! Instead, pick out a stylish pair of chinos that will nicely complement the polo shirt – beige and tans are excellent neutral colours that will look stylish whichever shirt you chose.

Finding Footwear

Go for casual plimsolls or desert boots when it comes to the footwear. Both are excellent casual styles and will fit in perfectly with the rest of his look. It’s perhaps best to avoid formal footwear unless you went for a tailored trouser, when they would be a given.

The Finishing Touch


The choice is yours when it comes to finishing off the outfit. You could perhaps pick out a blazer if you feel you want to put a smarter edge on an outfit, whereas knitwear, ideally a cardigan, is the perfect choice for something altogether more relaxed.

Get your man dressed well, and meeting your parents will be a walk in the park.

Stylepilot is an online start-up designed specifically for men to navigate fashion online and also provides men’s fashion tips.


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