Prayers and Sadness

My heart goes out to all the victims of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut.  Being a mother myself, it’s hard to fathom something like this could happen at school, where you drop your kids off in the morning with the intention of picking them up in the afternoon.  I can’t imagine what the parents must be going through.  What would cause someone to react this way and why historically, have all these random acts of violence targeted the youngest and innocent of us all?  When will these massacres stop?  Most of all what can we do to find the cause and start working towards some type of resolution.  Rest in Peace beautiful angels.


4 thoughts on “Prayers and Sadness

  1. It’s so terribly sad, V. And it seems like these shootings are on the rise. What is it? What’s causing it now? I’d like to know what the causes are so we can put a stop to it or at least start coming up with solutions.


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