Sonam on Notch


Not sure what Notch Magazine is about but they snagged Sonam for their February cover so it must be credible.  (Said with some sarcasm.)  Could care less about the cover when all I’m drooling for is that gorgeous necklace!


3 thoughts on “Sonam on Notch

  1. I’m quite liking the Audrey Hepburn vibe. (Seriously though – does this girl exist on just pollen and air?) And the jewellery is to DIE for!

    Reminds me of one Christmas when I suspected my husband had bought me a foot spa. I was LIVID. I said to a friend, “What am I, 90 years old that I need a bloody FOOT SPA!!!!”

    Christmas Day came and there was no such gift. Instead I was presented with a gor-JUS chunky antique necklace of jade and pearls.

    “Why on EARTH would I get you a foot spa?” inquired puzzled husband as I confessed my suspicions. Why indeed?! Hahahha!


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