NYFW Fall 2013 – Bibhu Mohapatra


As you know, New York Fashion Week kicked off during the winter storm this past week but that didn’t stop designers from putting together their best fall fashion foot forward.  As always, I pick the best looks from the designers who have some South Asian cultural / ethnic background.  Kick it off with Bibhu Mohapatra‘s Fall line, which was a mix of geometric patterns and slinky evening wear dresses topped with fur capelets.  I for one, could do without fur but set that aside, the geometric skirts and tops I could see easily incorporated into my wardrobe.  Some of the evening-wear looked a bit matronly.  My immediate thought was that this would suit dame Helen Mirren for so-and-so award.  There were a few that could work for the younger crowd, younger meaning Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain.  In particular, the orange gown stood out for me and with some slight tweaks to the chest area, it would be a stunner.  Check out my full selection here.


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