Lengthy Discourse

nargis nargis2

Is this a maxi?  Is it an Indian outfit?  We could have a lengthy discourse about it but however you cut it, the length is off about the dress.  Had it been floor-grazing, it would have been much more flattering on Nargis.


2 thoughts on “Lengthy Discourse

  1. This is a lengthy discussion for sure. I just do not understand this kind of (is this supposed to an anarkali?). Like you said, or wear a longer flowing gown, or sport a much shorter hem. This looks like an outfit that can be classified as- dhobhi ka kutta na ghar ka ghat ka.


  2. Nargis, are you trying to recreate a grandma version of Halkat, or Sheila? This color combination has been beaten to death – find something original.


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