Sloppy or Sheer

kareena kiran shilpa vidya

Between the sloppy saree drapes or the sheer ones with tacky linings, I’m not sure which is worse.  If I had to choose the lesser of the two faux-pas, it’d have to be the sloppy drapes.  At least that is salvageable but sheer tackiness is not.


2 thoughts on “Sloppy or Sheer

  1. For sure, sloppy over sheer. Vidya’s look is the best. Then Kiran. Then Kareena and Bipasha. I can’t get over the white petticoat underneath the orange sheer. It just looks so tacky.


  2. Agree, Shaksi. Kareena, wear a matching petticoat with your outfits. This photographed horribly. Kiran, stand up straight, and practice good posture, especially when walking the red carpet. No one wants to see bent over women who portray lack of confidence.


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