Something’s Off

kajol kajol2

I like that Kajol has revamped her style but something about this light yellow dress is a bit off.  Perhaps if the waist hit her natural waist, I think it wouldn’t have made her look a little thick-waisted from certain angles.  The shoes in question are too stodgy; a slim strap style might have suited this look better.


3 thoughts on “Something’s Off

  1. I think it is definitely the fit. Maybe a tad bit too long as well. I don’t like the lining. Also yellow chiffon looks is more a day dress and the event looks indoorsy/clubby/night.


  2. Just realized this was for the FICCI, so may I just add that this outfit is not right for such a corporate event. You can’t wear a yellow dress to such a corporate event!


  3. This dress is ill-fitting, the accessories are all wrong. The dress color makes her look very dark, which she is not. The dress to be pulled up, and belted well. It looks like the dress was made for someone who should be a whole foot taller than her. The bag, though designer, is all wrong for the chiffon-y dress. The closed toe shoes make her look even more matronly, which she is NOT.


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