A Few Changes

priyanka priyanka2

A few tweaks, changes, to this outfit and Priyanka could have very well pulled off the sexy bombshell look she was going for.  The dress could have been knee-length (don’t need to show it ALL to look sexy), the belt should have been relegated back to the Forever21 accessories basket, and the shoes should have been missed altogether.  A pair of barely there, nude strappy heels would have complemented this look far better.  The hair and makeup on the other hand are perfect for the sexy bombshell look.

P.S. Is it just me or are her lips getting bigger and bigger?  Hey, more power to her; some ladies get chest implants, she’s a lip implant addict.


One thought on “A Few Changes

  1. Here goes Pinky again – with the wrong clothes/hair/and shoes!! The dress looks like a prom-reject she found at the $10 bin at a “made in china” dress shop. The heels, though expensive, are all WRONG for this outfit. My vote: NO.


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