Rock and Roll

anushka anushka2 priyanka priyanka2

A whole lot of leather, a little bit of glitter is expected at any MTV Awards.  Anushka gave us both in this ensemble, which could have done without the cutesy belt.  You either go rock and roll all the way or you go home.  Priyanka, on the other hand, went with the funky (in a good way) gown and a pompadour that would make Elvis proud.  Well, at least both ladies dressed up in a classy way (as you only can at any MTV show) and not wear this. (click below)

who who2


2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll

  1. I LOVE Priyanka’s outfit and hair – I try to het MY hair to do that on a daily basis – hahaha! As for the outfit below – I’m speechless with horror…..


  2. I usually love Anushka’s style, but this one is not working. The style of the bangs is all wrong for the shape of her beautiful face. What’s with the fugly, aunty heels? Rock-and-roll? I think not.

    Priyanka, well girl, it looks like a color drum vomited on you. This outfit is hideous. You don’t have the height to pull this technicolor mess off. Find better outfits.

    Who is the last person in the photos? The aging woman with drooping boobs? Gosh, please stay home if this is your concept of looking “cool” on the red carpet.


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