Glamorous Gowns

asin chitra chitra2

Both lovely ladies looked statuesque in vibrant gowns but while Asin picked one with barely there straps, Chitrangada’s was covered to the neck up.  This go around I have to give to Asin as her’s is a better fit and overall better gown.  Chitrangada’s gown would have looked a whole lot better had the bust been tailored to the actual bustline rather than up to the shoulders and had the illusion net been less heavy.  On the other hand, she fared much better at ‘Forbes Million Race’ in a red high-low suit (although the makeup was a tad heavy).


One thought on “Glamorous Gowns

  1. Asin looks great, but I’m not a fan of the hair. Chitrangaga looks wonderful, but I don’t like the bangs and the long earrings – together. I am not a fan of the ill-fitting red dress on her AT ALL. She has a gorgeous body – no need to wear an aunty-dress that seems to be from the wrong decade, and doesn’t fit well.


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