Style the Star

Hi readers, sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.  Dear hubs and I are expecting our third baby, so I’ve been a little more tired than usual.  Let’s get on with this post already!

parineeti parineeti2

Parineeti is a pretty girl but not one that knows how to dress for her figure.  Case in point, this blue figure-encasing dress with the unflattering hemline and the lace sleeves that make her arms look bigger.  If anything, she should opt for simple cuts, or nipped-in waists, with classic heels and lots of sparkle.  Check out the pieces I’ve pulled for her.

colorblock gomax rachel  schutztuckerrachel2 


8 thoughts on “Style the Star

  1. Parineeti has a dreadful body language. I am wondering a deglam grunge look will suit her better.

    The dress no 1 and 3 are delicious.


  2. HUGE congrats my darling!! Not surprised you’re tired. I KNOW how time-consuming blogging is and I take my hat off to you! (It’s a fetching pink straw trilby by the way – hahaha) You take care of yourself. Tons of love to you and all the (growing) family! 🙂


  3. Krupa, congratulations and good luck! Do you know what you are having?
    V dahling, thank you very much! I can just picture your straw trilby 🙂 I’m not sure how i’m going to do with three; i’m already insane with two. LOL. But it is truly a wonderful blessing. How are you? How’s the novel?


  4. Sadly I’ve been majorly sidetracked on the main novel by getting myself sucked into revamping a draft of a different earlier one! Hahaha! Oh well…


  5. Hi Bolly, No. I don’t know @ gender and even I don’t want to know. I will be happy with whatever I’ve been blessed with. I’m already having one little cute ‘Gal Angel’, so my hubby & in-laws are wishing for baby boy, but my secret wish is having a ‘Gal’ again on auspicious day of Diwali, as my due date is nearby. Nyways, I am travelling to USA next week for 1 month vacation. Take Care.


  6. Krupa, we have two little girls too and were not expecting a third so this was a wonderful surprise. Girls are so much fun 🙂 I’m sure boys are too! Good luck with your pregnancy and travel!


  7. PariN needs to hire a better stylist. Is that freshly injected collagen? She needs to invest in great wrap-around dresses that gives the illusion of having curves in the right places!


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