Casual Style

bips bips2 duo saif

A banging body she may have but she certainly doesn’t know how to dress is.  Speaking of Bipasha’s casual style of course   A crocheted vest thrown over a tight bandage dress, doesn’t an outfit make.  Add hideous shoes to that and it’s a just head-scratchingly weird outfit.  Speaking of strange outfits, what the heck is Kareena wearing?  I understand the need for comfort but I refuse to walk out in my pjs to watch a movie.  At least sister Karishma and Saif look spot on.  Saif looks seriously cool in his causal avatar.


4 thoughts on “Casual Style

  1. I’m no fashionista but Ms Basu’s ghastly get-up hurts my eyes! So cheap looking! And didn’t those horrid bandage dresses go out AGES ago?


  2. The bandage dress actually made her look bad – she has a slamming body, but the dress makes her boobs look saggy and squashed. Yuck. Kareena needs to invest in some concealer, and in a full-length mirror. I guess women do let themselves go after they get married. Teehheee


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