Color Scheme

vidya vidya2

With Vidya being part of the Cannes jury, we are bound to see sightings of her daily.  That bodes well for us to critique her, after all that’s what this blog is about.  Right off the bat, I’m noticing that she’s got a distinct color scheme going on at the jury photocall and at the ‘Great Gatsby’ premiere, i.e., cream and black.  I like the photocall saree and simple jewelry, and while the lengha she wore for the premiere might be nice, the whole dupatta over her head seems a bit costume to me.  What do you think?  Regal or costume?  I’d like to hear what people think about this whole ‘wearing Indian on the international stage’ also.  Anyhow, it’ll be interesting to see what she wears the rest of the days at Cannes, even if it is a full wardrobe of Sabyasachi and middle hair parts.


3 thoughts on “Color Scheme

  1. I’m not Desi (call me a Desiphile), and I have to say that Vidya does no wrong as she rocks the saree and Indian attire on the world stage. She looks and carries herself like a queen. And that’s not bad-even if she’s in Sabyasachi. She wears the saree, and she looks lovely. Of course, on a side note, she can change the hair up a bit.


  2. Vidya, shake it up, girl. Enough of the same hair style – it looks like you didn’t have time to wash your hair! Also, doing the Indian thing on the international thing is great, but that doesn’t mean you have to over-do it and look like a village idiot.


  3. She looks good in the saree but the middle hair parting and 3/4 sleeves are getting repetitive. The dupatta on the head looks very much like a filmy costume rather than an outfit that is suitable for an international event. Sonam’s nose ring looks ok but again the entire costume looks filmy, as though she is about to enact in a period movie. I found Mallika Sherawat’s costume ok, considering what she wore at the previous events. Just saw Vidya’s pic on Rediff, clicked as she was on her way to attending the screening of a French movie. Will wait for your comments because I thought she could have avoided the sapphire necklace. Oh dont miss the middle hair parting….not again!!!! Sonam and Frieda look good in their gowns.


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