vidya vidya2 vidya3

On the one hand, Vidya looks regal.  On the other hand, people would think she’s a lovely lady, probably a mom of two, around say age 40ish.  The sarees and blouses she’s chosen have aged her quite a bit.  It’s only day two and I’m already bored of seeing the same look.  It would be surprising if she, on the last day of Cannes, showed up in a graceful gown, flowing tresses, and very little jewelry.  That blue necklace, while lovely, looks cheap and doesn’t add that bit of spunk she might have been going for.


2 thoughts on “Repetitive

  1. Girlfriend, Vidya, what the hell is that overkill piece of costume jewelry hanging from your nose? Get rid of the nathni!!! What’s up with you not knowing that you have broad shoulders, and that round neck pieces make you look like you have NO neck. Come on, your love for these deisngers is not justified becasue you do not look good in the outfits they have designed for you. Sorry.


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