Longines Dinner

ash ash2

At the Longines dinner held on the Orient Express, Aishwarya looked sweet in a blue cap-sleeve gown and hair down.  I do wish the gown was a size bigger and her hair was pushed away from the shoulders so we could see the gown’s beaded details.  Otherwise, this was a much better appearance than the one at the races.


3 thoughts on “Longines Dinner

  1. Oh dear…. I echo your sentiments about sizing, BB.

    We have an English expression “She’s packed into THAT!” A size bigger would’ve made her look slimmer. Why do so many people not GET that?


  2. I usually do not like Ash’s dressing sense which I find extremely gaudy but have to say this is an amazing outfit and she does look good. Definitely echo the sizing, I mean I can see the hole in her belly button from the outside of her dress. Specially after post a heavy french meal, can’t be good! I really don’t get why Ash would agree on getting packed into that as Queen V said above!


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