Lovely Perhaps

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Another lovely outfit but perhaps a bit overdone.  Why is there a turtleneck that is part of that blouse?  Hideous.  Her jewelry is beautiful as always.  One thing aside from fashion though, this is the strangest on-screen pairing I’ve seen.  I would not want to be cast in a film where the hero is skinnier than me!  Do you think this pairing works?


8 thoughts on “Lovely Perhaps

  1. Good grief! Someone give that poor man a heart meal!!

    Speaking of skinny – BB, I MUST spread the word about the “5:2 diet”. Husband and I have been on it since last September. Utterly bloody BRILLIANT! He’s lost 6 inches off his waist and I don’t have one pair of trousers that aren’t loose to some degree. A couple of pairs I had to put a pin in the waist band to keep them up! Do google it. I never thought any diet would work for me after I turned 40 but this is great. Easy to stick to and very flexible.


  2. Basically, on the ‘5:2’ you only diet for 2 days a week. Calorie intake on diet days (for a woman) is only 500 calories – so it’s NOT much fun on those days, but you only have to hold out till the next day then you can eat normally again. You can change which 2 days you do each week if you want to – so long as the 2 days aren’t consecutive. I don’t know why it works so well, but it does. Can’t stop raving about it. 🙂


  3. Nice Holloween costume (fairy avatar)!!! You see, this was designed for the girls living up north, where it gets cold in the fall- hence the turtle neck to keep the wind and cold away from their pretty necks.


  4. And don’t even get me started on the guy as an accessory piece. Her hands are where his hands should be on her body! He just looks so frail and just not a match at all. Add about one hundred plates of junglee mutton and biryani, some weight, some bulk and this man could actually look masculine as his features allow him to be.


  5. What a horrid comment from your part, whoever writes this blog. He is an actor, and he fits his part in the movie to a TEE. Who says that the “hero” has to be taller and bigger than the actress.. -_- made me lose so much respect for this blog. Way to promote gender roles and how a man is supposed to look compared to a woman.


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