Guest Post: Know Your Personal Beauty Secrets Through Color Analysis

Colors play an important role in highlighting the natural beauty of women and making them look really pretty. Colors are primarily divided into four types in accordance with the four different seasons that visit Earth at different time of the year. We need to find out the color suitable for our personality through color analysis and thereafter choose colors for our dress and makeup from the same palette to accentuate our beauty. Wearing the right color also makes us a much more confident individual. Color analysis has the same effect as that of anti wrinkle crèmes as it helps making you look much younger individual.

So take the help of experts to know your color that will aid in discovering some your personal beauty secrets.

Color Palettes

The color palette is categorized into three broad divisions i.e. bright, cool and neutral colors from which you need to choose the one that best suits your skin tone. Try and identify the shade that is most compatible with your skin tone as it will help in making you look all the more attractive and beautiful.

Refurbish Your Wardrobe

Once you have got an understanding of the color that suits your skin tone, it will be easier for you to refurbish your wardrobe with the right colors clothes complementing your skin tone. Identifying your personal colors will help in saving a lot of time and money and would focus your attention only on the shades that will praise your natural beauty.

Right Makeup

Color analysis will also help in choosing the right shades of makeup that will compliment your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. The right shade of foundation, nail polish, sunscreen with anti wrinkle properties, blushers, lipsticks or lip gloss, eye shadows and other makeup are important for enhancing your overall looks. So seek the help of experts to understand whether bold, nude or cool colors suits your skin tone and thereafter invest on a range of beauty products in similar shades.

Look Chic, Younger and Sleeker

Use of complementary shades helps in creating an illusion effect that helps in minimizing the imperfections present in your skin. Moreover, use of right color intensifies the eye color and makes the hair look healthier and beautiful, thus ensuring that you look all the more vivacious and trendy. Color analysis will help in cutting down at least five years from your original age.

Try Contrasting Color

Knowing your color palettes will also encourage you to experiment with a lot of contrasting shades that also helps in highlighting the most beautiful features of your face. Use of contrasting colors will also help in balancing the natural skin colors and emphasizing different features on your face. So make an honest effort to find the shades that are contrasting yet complementing with your skin tone and invest on makeup and dresses on those shades to be beautiful naturally.

Identifying the right colors that are compatible with your skin tone will help in bringing out your true personality. Bold colors are ideal suited for extrovert and vivacious women, whereas soft and cool colors are perfect for soft nature and introverts. However, a soft nature person can definitely try out bright colors; just make sure she is comfortable and confident after wearing it to bring out the best in you.

About the Author:

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.


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