Not Rockstar

priyanka priyanka2

Miss Chopra hit LA’s ‘Millions of Milkshakes’ store to launch her celebrity milkshake in a Cavalli jacket and black JBrand jeans.  Styled by Ami Patel (@stylebyami), the look didn’t work, at all.  And adding a skull necklace didn’t make it any more rockstar-ish.  Especially not with those granny heels.  I hope she gets a better style invention ‘coz this ain’t gonna cut it in Hollywood.  At least she fared better the next day at the Idolater studio wearing an ASOS multi pattern midi skirt with a crop top and strappy Louboutins.  The shoes were a good call as closed toe pumps would not have worked.

priyanka3 priyanka4

Check out her new music video ‘Exotic’ and let me know your thoughts.  My two cents – too much focus on her hair, too much wind machines, too much of the same pose (running hands through hair) and not enough dancing or movement.  The song’s not bad but the video…let’s say I turned it off half way through.

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