Planes Premiere

priyanka priyanka2 priyanka3

If you didn’t already know, Ms. Chopra is in the upcoming Disney animated film ‘Planes‘.  She lends her voice to Ishani’s character in the movie.  Attending the recent premiere in LA, Priyanka looked ready to take flight in a Maya Krispin custom jumpsuit, Christian Louboutin shoes and bag, and Ray Ban sunglasses.  While I like the makeup and the look, the front of the hairstyle is a bit too flat.  But otherwise, she looks great.  She’s seen here with actors Dane Cook and Teri Hatcher.  Read her New York Daily News interview here.


3 thoughts on “Planes Premiere

  1. Outfit- very nice, much classier than her usual trashy outfits, hoping for her own sake that she got a new stylist in LA. Bad hair day. Nice make-up but her lips are so full looks like freshly pumped collagen in there.


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