Awards Time

I’m back and what better way to kick off things than with the GQ Men of the Year Awards.  Let’s start with the women and go down the list of sartorial faux-pas because frankly, I didn’t see much in the way of hits.

Taking major risks, as expected, was Sonam in a Jean Paul Gaultier muumuu dress and ginormous earrings.  I feel fear for the persons sitting on opposites sides of her as those baubles could seriously poke an eye out.

Others attempting a risky choice were Shibani and Shahnaz but while Shibani’s was somewhat relevant in keeping with the event in mind, Shazhan’s could have been any ol’ maxi picked from the sales rack.

Alas, Shruti and Sophie failed to impress with their take on glitz.  Similarly, Rani and Aditi also chose gowns that were less than flattering for their petite figures.  Aditi was engulfed in hers while Rani’s looked matronly.

Rekha was Rekha.  Nuff said.

Kangana apparently styled herself in a “Valentina dress and Dior jewels” she picked up in Milan.  Her words, not mine.  (I think she meant Valentino).  And who can forget the pouffy hair and the ill-placed shoulder bag.  Has she not heard of evening clutches?  If this is styling herself, she needs a good stylist instead.

The only ones who really pulled off their looks with a minimalistic take were Neha and Lisa.  Simple, effective, glamorous.  Ladies take note!


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