Cannes 2015


Only Cannes can bring a girl back! Kicking it off, let’s start with Katrina. One word – safe. Safe safe safe. Wait, that was three. Lovely girl, bangin’ body, but lackluster. First in the Oscar De La Renta. Lovely gown but just not for her. It did nothing for her. Boring. Yawn. Next.


Second, the red Elie Saab. Much better than the first day but did her stylist forget that she would be walking a red carpet? So yeah. I sure hope there were other photographers there ‘coz the ones behind her ain’t taking a damn picture of her!

katrina2 katrina3 katrina4

I can forgive the not-found-in-nature red hair (apparently for the movie ‘Fitoor’) but the dresses were not exactly a homerun. Katrina mentioned in a media call interview that she wants to refrain from making a huge style statement. (Head scratching…um why? why not??) Mission accomplished.


4 thoughts on “Cannes 2015

  1. Thank you Queen V! Missed you too! I’ll post tonight on where I was and what I hope to bring this blog to 🙂 Talk soon; hope you are well!!


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