Cheap Chic – Tropical Print Dresses

Cheap Chic - Tropical Print Dresses


Topshop Flop!

Wearing a Topshop dress, Rhea looked like a hawt mess in the hot Mumbai weather.  Perhaps she was ushering in the ‘funeral chic’ trend.  Whatever the case, the shapeless tent dress, the pantyhose, the booties that made her legs look stubby, and the sheerness of the dress, all made for a top flop!  The girls in the background looked much chicer.

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June Must Haves

I haven’t done a ‘Must Haves’ list in a while, so what better day to do it than today. 

1. To kick it off, I am purchasing this lemony yellow dress from Ideeli that would be perfect for when I return to work.  The dress is offered in Petite sizes (perfect for a shortie like me) and the color is not a in-your-face yellow.  And at 35 dollars, the price can’t be beat!! Now I just hope that I got the right size; post-pregnancy body has thrown my previous size to the wind!  

While I’m at it, I’m treating myself to these SKOVA earrings and ring, also from Ideeli


I’m a sucker for jewelry.  Also ideal for right now when I’m in between sizes.  I don’t have to be a particular size to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry.  So I’m going to splurge and purchase this set of 6 summery colored bangles from Gilt.

Now for my little one, I bought this adorable striped tank from Hautelook that she can wear now as a dress and later as a top.   (Yes, one of the tricks for getting the biggest bang for my buck since kids grow out of their clothes so quickly!)

Finally, I need some neutral shoes for work and these from Hautelook are the perfect pair.  It still has a little kick to it with the python scales. 


Hi readers, I came across a lovely Indian online shopping site and thought I’d pass it on. is a premier destination for Indian designer wear and beyond. THey are also showcasing the designer label ‘ Virtues ‘. Check out some of the wares below and visit the site at your leisure.


Ayesha Depala at HDIL

HDIL India Couture Week has come and gone and while I didn’t care for much of the fashion, I did find that Ayesha Depala’s show was better than the rest. Her designs were pretty, well designed and perfect for any red carpet event. Some of the designs remind me of Marchesa but overall, pretty dresses for pretty people. Check out the pictures below.


Image Source – The new way of shopping for ethnic wear

Let’s face it, we girls like clothes, makeup, shoes  – all things that make us feel ‘girly’.   Some may even say girls are ‘addicted’ to clothes, makeup and shoes.   We spend our days shopping and free time turning the pages of the latest edition of fashion magazines getting inspiration for our next purchase, or envying the latest trends.   This ‘addiction’ can become expensive – very quickly!  Especially Indian ethnic wear.  Those saris are not cheap!  What’s more, we usually wear these outfits once (maybe twice – if we are lucky!) and then don’t want to be a repeat offender.  Here is another scenario:  how many times do you get a sari as a gift and its just ‘not our style’!  Why not sell it instead of storing it away?

Enter is a new marketplace for people to post their new or pre-owned ethnic  wear  for others to enjoy.  Posting is FREE, so what do you got to lose?  Many top end boutiques are taking notice and realizing there is a e-commerce site for their stores.  Who knows, you can find your next designer  outfit on

Check out today!