Premiere Night

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It was premiere night, or should I say nights, for the Ra.One team, namely Shah Rukh, Arjun, Kareena and Shahana Goswami.  All were present at the Dubai premiere with both guys dapper in suits, Kareena in a Manish Malhotra saree and Shahana in a bedazzled one-shouldered dress.  At the UK premiere, Kareena opted for a Dolce and Gabbana gown and Shah Rukh went all out in a three-piece tux.  Muy caliente!

Update: Added a few more pictures and one of Gauri also.

6 thoughts on “Premiere Night

  1. She looks good! very womanly i have to admit i would prefer our stars to wear indian clothing than gowns etc. we have beautiful clothing embroidery etc and should show them of as much as possible


  2. Uh guari. Wth. I expected more. Wayyyy more. Especially after the last few good looks from her. Blah. What a let down.


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